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Do not try to attempt to exterminate bees or wasps yourself. Call Alliance Pest Management now if you suspect an infestation of bees or wasps today! Without bees and wasps, life as we know it would be significantly different. Bees are very efficient pollinators and a third of our diet—most seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables—require their pollination services. Wasps, on the other hand, help protect our gardens, by eating countless numbers of pests.
Wasps can also have a role in pollination, since they frequently visit flowers for their nectar. However, despite their crucial role in both agricultural and natural environments, most of us see bees and wasps as a nuisance. While it is natural to avoid as much as possible being stung, some of us have unfortunately developed a bee-and-wasp phobia.

Bees and wasps provide a great contribution to the ecosphere. Bees pollinate and are responsible for the production of our fruits and vegetables. Wasps consume many of the pests that plague our gardens. It is therefore always a good idea to let Alliance Pest Management handle any beehive or wasp nest infestation.