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Wildlife Services


Skunks are a common wild rodent problem in New Jersey. Skunks can carry rabies. They are a nocturnal animal spray horrible musk. Don’t try and take care of these dangerous creatures yourself. Call Alliance Pes Management at your first convenience. The smelly and risky aspects alone are reason enough to contact the professional wildlife control team at Alliance Pest Management.


The best way to control a beaver problem is to eliminate food, trees and any woody plants that could be close proximity to their habitat. The absence of materials suitable for building their dams will motivate beaver colonies search for a new habitat. Usually this will result in the relocation of a colony to a new location.


Bats do not cause structural damage to buildings but their presence can be unpleasant. There is a non-lethal method of humanely controlling a maternity bat colony from a building. The procedure is commonly called bat-proofing. Alliance Pest Management has experienced personnel who can complete a bat-proofing procedure quickly and at a reasonable price.


To prevent raccoons from taking residence on your property remove obvious food sources or places of shelter that could be attractive to raccoons. Raccoons carry rabies and other dangerous diseases. The best solution when dealing with a raccoon on your property is to contact a professional wildlife conservation expert like Alliance Pest Management.


Squirrel damage can be controlled by exclusion. Blocking entrances to buildings can deter the presence of squirrels on your property. Licensed wildlife pest control professionals are available at Alliance Pest Management to properly remove squirrels from your property and can humanely remove squirrels efficiently and are just a call away.


Foxes are intelligent creatures and quickly adapt to urban locations when a habitat of suitable criteria exists. Foxes can exhibit aggression and often attack and kill domestic pets and will threaten or attack dogs when protecting their den or young. Foxes are known as rampant carriers of rabies. Mange can also be transmitted to domestic dogs environmentally. A diseased fox, if discovered it should be immediately reported to the authorities.


Opossums are not aggressive or destructive. They don’t attack nor threaten pets or dig damaging burrows. They are actually a benefit to humans since they feed on bugs, such as crickets or beetles and rodents like mice and voles. Opossums might forage through your garbage cans outside or pet food. Sometimes they have been known to raid chicken pens, or a garden to eat the vegetables or fruit.


Coyotes should be avoided and it is an important practice to not feed a coyote nor let your dogs and cats run unattended or loose in a known coyote territory. When approached or confronted by a coyote, do not run. You should immediately report aggressive and seemingly fearless coyotes to the authorities. Do not create a conflict. If a coyote is naturally avoiding domestic contact do not haze, confront nor aggravate the animal.


Muskrat damage is primarily their burrowing tendency. It might not be obvious at first until later after serious damage has taken place. To detect burrowing close to reservoirs or farm ponds walk the perimeter and look for “runs” or “trails” just beneath the surface of the water up to three feet deep. Look for muskrat droppings on the back or on fallen logs or objects that a muskrat might easily climb. If burrows are discovered they should be filled in, and covered in rocks to avoid wash out or livestock injury.


Woodchuck damages are common in New Jersey and can most often be controlled through exclusion or blocking entrances. When the property manager feels unequipped to handle damage control methods properly a wildlife pest control professional like the experts at Alliance Pest Management are available to handle and remove these creatures from your property humanely.


Moles are often blamed for destroying a garden’s plants, seeds, or bulbs. Yet moles rarely eat plants or seeds, or bulbs. Damage to plants is most often the result of a protective covering that the mole passages create for other small mammals. They potentially could damage the roots of plants as they burrow their tunnels beneath the soil.


Minks are carnivores and are a danger to poultry, ducks, muskrats, rabbits and will sometimes even commit surplus killing more than they can eat. They are nocturnal creatures making them difficult to control. They are active year round which adds another level of challenge to the control of their infestation. Minks harbor various bacteria and parasites that are not normally a threat to humans.


A weasel might be a particular wildlife control nuisance for homeowners and poultry farm owners in parts of the state. After a weasel targets a food source, they often dwell there until the supply runs out. There are many options to control weasels without harming the creatures. It is best to contact a professional wildlife control team like Alliance Pest Management in such cases.


If a snake is discovered in your house it is most likely trying to escape or it has uncovered a new suitable food source. Removal of the food supply and entrance closure that the snakes and the rodents they seek are using for access to your property will in most cases solve the problem. Avoid areas of rocky geography, woods or brushy areas or various other dark safe places that offer a place for snakes to congregate. Don’t attempt to capture a snake in lieu of dangerous bites. Contact the wildlife control experts at Alliance Pest Management for more information.


Birds that gather and roost, with sparrows can carry histolysis along with a plethora of diseases which have been linked to respiratory ailments among humans as well as Newcastle disease, chlamydeous, and salmonellosis among others. Several strains of diseases are not directly transmitted and are carried rather through their droppings that result in a public health hazard. Bedbugs, ticks, mites, and fleas coupled with the noise that they make and their droppings can cause irreparable damage to a vehicle’s finish. Contact the wildlife control specialists at Alliance Pest Management for more information.